Work with me 1-to-1 to rediscover your best self, attain deep clarity, and create alignment between your inner and outer worlds.


Are you struggling to be creative? Let’s work 1-to-1 so that’s never a problem again…


Can you use movies as tools for ‘identity work’? You bet! Learn how…


Work with me 

Are you trying to work out who you are?
Work out who you want to be?
Work out why you’re here?
I’ve been there. And I worked it out… by working in.

And now I help people to rediscover, reconnect, and recreate themselves from the inside out. I help you to fully integrate and align your inner and outer worlds to achieve deep, lasting clarity, purpose, and selfhood in your life.

I offer a unique and personal service I call ‘Identity Coaching’. This isn’t a typical coaching program. This is a special approach for overcoming ‘identity crisis’, which I’ve developed over years of working on my own identity, and sharpened through helping many others with theirs.

This is not a one-size-fits-all program.
Identity doesn’t come in a pre-packaged box.
As my client, you receive a fully personalized service.
You have my full attention.
Let’s get to work.


PODCAST: Identity Coaching with Movies

Listen to all the podcast episodes here, and use movies as tools for your Identity Work.

Groundhog Day Part 1: Creating Life Purpose

Spirited Away: Core Identity (VS) Consumed Identity

Life Is Beautiful: Life As Art and Riddles

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