Month: January 2020

Identity Coach

Dancing In The Dying Light (Song)

Sometimes the right song can stream into your life and into your ears just at the right time. This song is an incredible song from 2019, that reminds you that being alive itself is an incredible and beautiful adventure.

Do You Control Your Identity…?

Or does it control you?

Beautiful Spiral Dynamics Animation

I did not make this video, nor do I own any rights to it. It’s just a beautiful animated illustration of the Spiral Dynamics model.

What Secrets Are You Keeping?

George Orwell wrote a lot of wise words in his classic book, 1984. This is one often forgotten gem of a sentence. Do you know what secrets you’re keeping…?

The Evolution of a Human Face

Yes, it’s kind of a shame that it turns into an old white guy at the end without offering any racial variety, gender variety, or age variety. I do not endorse the idea that older white males are the pinnacle of human evolution. But this clip nevertheless should remind you that whoever you are, your…
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