Month: January 2020

Identity Coach

What We Used To Be (Prehistoric Biological Evolution Animation)

Biological evolution is only one way we’ve evolved. But it’s a beautiful and plentiful one. Next time you ask yourself about your origins, it might be worth reminding yourself of this…

Lose Yourself

The Story In Your Head

Nobody’s Watching

Peace Is The Result…

Made and Remade By Others

This is another reason why it’s futile to make decisions based on what others think or may think. Today it feels like people will approve, but tomorrow it’ll feel like people disapprove. In a couple of days, it’ll feel like people don’t even care. You can never control how others perceive you or judge you,…
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No Matter How Far…

Most of Us Are Memories

Never trap yourself into an identity.

Growth or Validation?

As we continue on into 2020, remember that your goals don’t have to be burdens. They should not chain you to a life you do not want. Ask yourself again whether your goals are aimed at true inner growth, or at validation from others. Perhaps they’re a bit of both – and if so, simply…
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