Creativity Coaching

Identity Coach

Do you have a project you wish to bring creativity or innovation to?
Do you have a position which requires you to be creative or innovative?
Do you simply want to infuse your life with creative energy?

I’m a Professional Creativity Coach and I can help. In my Creativity Coaching, I am not going to do the creating for you… I will give you something much greater…

I will facilitate and guide you on your growth as a creative individual.

No matter how creative (or non-creative) you believe yourself to be, after having 1-to-1 Creativity Coaching with me, your ability to apply incredible amounts of creativity will forever be intact.

Typically, I coach you for six 1-hour sessions, and depending on where you are in your creative life or creative project, together we work on the following:
* Connecting with the Foundations of Your Creative Self
* Mastering Your ‘Creator Psychology’
* Optimizing Your Creative Environment
* Beginning Lifelong Creativity Practices
* Using Warm-Up Techniques
* Using Many Creative Thinking Tools to Create New Ideas and Solve Challenges
* Using Your Unconscious Mind for Creative Purposes
* Leading Creative Group Sessions (Great for Leaders of Teams!)
* Optimizing Your Research Stage of Creativity
* Enhancing Both Divergent Thinking and Convergent Thinking
* Creative Visualizations & Meditations
* Any other creativity-related issue

This is an extremely practical coaching service, and it’s perfect for:
* Artists: Writers, Painters, Musicians, Directors, Designers, Actors, Photographers, Podcasters, Chefs, etc.
* Inventors and Innovators
* Entrepreneurs & Business Owners
* Leaders, Managers
* Teachers, Trainers, Presenters, Course Creators
* Students
* Parents
* Problem-Solvers
* Creatives in Life!

If you are interested in getting Creativity Coaching, or you know anyone who you would like to recommend this to, please contact me in the message form below, or contact me at