Identity Coaching

Identity Coach

99% of people have no idea who they are.

Is that an official statistic? Nope. But is it true? Absolutely. In fact… 99% is probably low.
And you know what’s really shocking…
98% are okay with not knowing.

But you’re not – otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this.

You feel the disconnect between who you are on the inside and who you are on the outside. You feel lost, stuck, confused… or maybe even… empty.

Here’s the good news… You know it. And you want to be full.

You want to live with clarity.
You want to live with purpose.
You want to live with integrity.
You want to live with authenticity.

You want to feel alive and you want to be you.

I’m a Professional Identity Coach. I help people to rediscover, reconnect, and recreate their identity from the inside out. I take my responsibility to you very seriously, and I never hold back or try to be mysterious – I give you the tools to transform yourself.

Not all humans are called Jack – so I don’t put you in a box. Unlike most coaches, I offer a personalized service based on who you are. I allow you to bring your life into alignment with your identity – which is not something that can be pre-packaged.

My unique, tested approach involves using discussion, deep questions, stories, visualizations, contemplations, creative exercises, movies, and art. Creativity is at the heart of identity, so we’ll explore this extensively.

You were born an original. Don’t die a copy.

John Mason


Identity Coaching can have many benefits, depending on what you need:
* Deeper Consciousness of Self
* Clarity of Core Identity
* Alignment with Core Values
* Clarity of Life Purpose
* Live with Authenticity, Integrity, & Deep Self-Acceptance
* Reframe Your Life Story for an Empowering Personal Identity
* Resolve Inner Conflicts
* Say Goodbye to Unnecessary Limiting Beliefs
* Strengthen Your Self-Talk for Greater Psychological Well-Being & Results
* Growth in Confidence, Decisiveness, & Assertiveness
* Have More Authentic Relationships with Others
* Limit and Change Unwanted Habits & Behaviors
* Live with Fulfillment, Excitement, & Passion
* Access Higher Levels of Creativity
* Learn New Strategies to Master Your Own Mind
* Map Your Future with a Detailed Action Plan Right For YOU
* Tools to Overcome Personal & Practical Challenges
* Accountability Moving Forward

The strongest force in the universe is a human being living consistently with his identity.

Tony Robbins

Identity Coaching is RIGHT For You If…

Identity Work is necessary when:
– You feel confused, lost, indecisive, or fearful about making long-term plans.
– You feel stuck in any life situation – your job, your relationships, or your circumstances.
– You want a deeper understanding of yourself.
– You want to know your life purpose.
– You want to align how you actually live your life with your ideals and values, to live with integrity so you never have to lie to yourself or others.
– You are making a significant life transition and you want clarity about how to deal with change.
– You want to make a change, but something is holding you back.
– You feel torn between two (or more) paths.
– You feel detached from the world around you and want to be connected.
– You feel blocked by a past experience or limitation.
– You want the courage and confidence to be who you are.
– You want to stop sabotaging yourself, procrastinating, or backsliding.
– You want to build stronger motivation, resolve, discipline, and will.
– You fall into the ‘people-pleasing’ trap and you don’t know how to say NO.
– You want more authentic relationships with others.
– You want to tap into higher levels of creativity.
– You want to understand the true purpose of art and how to use art (film, literature, music, visual art) for your personal development.
– You want to create work that is authentically you.
– You want to feel incredible levels of fulfillment, enjoyment, passion, and even ecstasy from life.

Identity Coaching is NOT For You If…

I will refuse to work with you if…
– You suffer any serious mental illness, such as schizophrenia, clinical depression, or bipolar disorder. For this you require a mental health professional.
– You are dealing with serious trauma from events such as rape or physical abuse.
– You are dealing with hard addictions to drugs or alcohol.
– You don’t have the time to commit to one session a week plus assignments.
– You easily get angry when someone challenges your beliefs or when you receive feedback.
– You refuse to watch a movie even though it may help you.
– You are not open to exploring new ideas, even if they seem strange.
– You don’t want to commit to changing anything.

My Identity Coaching Service typically comprises of 12 sessions, each 80-90 minutes. The initial consultation is not included. The sessions are generally held weekly, though alternative scheduling can be arranged in advance.

There will be assignments after each session, and you are strongly encouraged to complete the assignments to get the very best results from this service. Future assignments are not given in advance of sessions.

If you would like to arrange a free and confidential 30-minute initial consultation for 1-to-1 Identity Coaching with me, please complete the form or send me a direct message at: