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Identity Coach

Do You Control Your Identity…?

Or does it control you?

What Secrets Are You Keeping?

George Orwell wrote a lot of wise words in his classic book, 1984. This is one often forgotten gem of a sentence. Do you know what secrets you’re keeping…?

No Matter How Far…

Most of Us Are Memories

Never trap yourself into an identity.

What Would You Do?

How brave are you in your interactions with people? Do you have the courage to stand up for what you truly believe is right, when the situation calls for it? Have you ever put your integrity to the test? Some of these little clips from this show, What Would You Do?, are reminders that we…
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Create Your 2020 Vision With This Simple Exercise

Creating a vision is like creating an anchor for your life and your being, the raw material being emotional energy.

My Introduction to Tantra: Sacred Identity Work Through the Healing of the Wounds of Intimacy

A little over a week ago I was catching up with a friend over coffee, and she casually asked whether I’d practiced tantra. We’re both meditators and explorers of the depths of reality and The Self…