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Identity Coach

What Secrets Are You Keeping?

George Orwell wrote a lot of wise words in his classic book, 1984. This is one often forgotten gem of a sentence. Do you know what secrets you’re keeping…?

Growth or Validation?

As we continue on into 2020, remember that your goals don’t have to be burdens. They should not chain you to a life you do not want. Ask yourself again whether your goals are aimed at true inner growth, or at validation from others. Perhaps they’re a bit of both – and if so, simply…
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When You Let Your Limiting Beliefs Create Your World…

Too Quick to Judge is a short film that presents a classic example of a person allowing their limiting beliefs to give context to their reality. Watch first, and then read my brief commentary below. Who was he really judging here, and why? He was judging his own self-worth, and his own attitudes as “ridiculous.”…
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