Sean Stephenson: An Expert Of One Thing…

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Sean Stephenson: An Expert Of One Thing…

I recently learned that this amazing man, Sean Stephenson, died about two months ago. I’d watched this TEDx Talk a few years back, and I’d also seen him give a few other talks and interviews.

Sean Stephenson taught a lot of people a lot of lessons, and I want to honor him for that. One thing is clear: Sean Stephenson knew who he was. And he was proud of who he was. If you want to find someone with a strong identity, you needn’t look any further than Sean Stephenson.

Sean: “I’m only an expert on one thing – and that’s how to be me. And I do it well.”

If you want to learn a little more about who he was, read his bio on his blog here. Thank you for all the wisdom, Sean.